Entrepreneurship and gender

How much we try to nullify it the gender gap especially in the entrepreneurship is increasing day by day. According to a recent survey the men are said to be showing the highest growth rate when compared to the women. Let us see some examples proving it.



In terms of age, men seem to set up a business before 30

At that age, very little women started the business

Men spend 85% of their time at work

While women spend equal time with the family as well as at work

Men are more likely to raise 2x more funding of $100k

Women entrepreneurs have raised more than $100K

Instead of courses men likely to read books for improving the skills.

15% of the women are interested to take courses regards the entrepreneurship

It is said that 60% of the women-owned business is said to be overperforming when compared to men. Focused on women empowerment and social inclusion it is said that its development is now seen to make good economic sense. Guiding and helping the opposite gender simultaneously help the growth of the economy cordially.

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