Women Entrepreneurship

A study found that women make up one-third of all entrepreneurs worldwide. Despite the tiny number, the results are different. Women business owners typically contribute to rapid economic growth. They frequently encounter gender-based obstacles including marital status, cultural norms, inalienable laws, etc. However, they fight for who they want to be. This enhances the status of women in society and their sense of empowerment. The major disadvantage of female entrepreneurs is their entrepreneurial attitude; most of them choose compensated employment with regular hours and paid time off. Yet, the majority of them assert that is untrue due to flexible working hours, higher pay, and more comfort in the sphere of entrepreneurship, however it takes longer for the advantages to materialize. Lack of practical experience is another disadvantage; since there are fewer female entrepreneurs, it will be challenging for them to look up to and use one as an example. Despite this, a lot of organizations and sectors support women in pursuing their aspirations of starting their own businesses.


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